Everwave Technology Development Limited


Company Profile

Ever Wave Technology Development Ltd, founded in July, 2003, is a visionary IT solutions and services provider headquartered in Hong Kong with focus on telecom and financial services and corporate markets in Hong Kong and China.

The founders and management team of the company have over 20 years of experience in IT industry especially in the Telecom and Banking sectors. Through the over twenty years of experiences in the industry in servicing the internationally reputable companies, Ever Wave management team has established in-depth expertise and industry relationship in the IT industry.

To guarantee quality information services to our clients with focus on specialized areas, Ever Wave also collaraborates with our business partners in order to meet our clients satisfaction.


General Services

Everwave provides consultancy and project management services that can improve your IT service on the following areas:

Audit and examine existing systems for stability and future proofing
Design and build complete architectures
Help reduce IT costs by making sure your systems are set-up correctly
Troubleshoot any existing problems so that they stop coming back
Get the best out of your applications by looking at integration of multiple systems
across your business
Review current processing to set up the "best practices"


Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are primarily focused on IT strategy and solution design, the elements of which includes:

Strategic planning
Business analysis
Requirements capture and analysis
Feasibility studies
Solution design and specification

All consultancy assignments are carried out in an independent and objective manner. Our consultants work closely with our customers? management and/or IT teams to help them improve productivity and the return on their technology investments.